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We mustn't get ANGRY

by Vyckie"Just SMILE, okay?" This photo was taken on my 18th anniversary before church. Warren was in a terrible mood that morning ~ and all I wanted was to get family pictures taken which made us all look like such a happy family. It's like the more unhappy we were, the more determined I was to put on a good face and show the world how exceedingly happy we were. Ack.Okay ~ I'm trying to work on writing the next installment of my story ~ but now I'm distracted with another topic ~ Strong emotions in general ... and ANGER in particular.I started a thread to discuss health issues ~ and almost immediately regretted it because as I've been reading the angry comments from those who feel … [Read more...]

What's That I Feel?

  Several people have told me that I looked sooooooooo tired and worn out in the photo I used with this post. It's true ~ for years I was seriously exhausted and felt like it would be so easy to die ~ all I had to do was surrender to that feeling of being completely spent...Now that I am "No Longer Quivering" ~ that's all changed and I have my health back ~ Hooray.I remember when I first realized that the horrendous stress I'd been under for so many years was mostly relieved and my nerves were beginning to recover.I was out at the mall with the children on a Saturday afternoon. Something about me just didn't feel quite right. I wasn't sick ~ or dizzy ~ What was I feeling? As we walked … [Read more...]