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On the Radio …

Tomorrow morning, Laura and I will be interviewed on a talk radio show in Long Island, in Metropolitan New York ~ WUSB 90.1 FM is a community and college supported radio statio. The show is called "medicine unplugged" and deals with the unfair social, economic and religious obstacles to the wellness of people. Host Wilbur Larch covers everything from the atrocities against women in Sudan to the outrageous practices of Big Pharma and Insurance companies here at home. The audience is mostly the early morning drive time traffic and the residents of the Stony Brook and surrounding towns and specially the students at the State University in Stony Brook.Laura's segment, which was pre-recorded, … [Read more...]

Tom and Glenn and …

by LauraAbout this time I was talking to some Christian friends of mine about going to counseling. I guess I thought that counseling wasn't quite the failure that drugs were so I was willing to try it. Not to mention that I knew I needed to do something before I totally lost it. My friends told me about a counseling center near me that was run by the International Center for Biblical Counseling (ICBC). They were Christian-based, of course, and they had a ministry that included helping people who were being demonically oppressed or possessed.Now, whether or not a Christian can be bothered by demons was an issue that we had discussed at times with our former pastor and I really didn't … [Read more...]

Sing, sing a song….

by LauraNow I sing what ever I want.....and I play guitar when I sing.....and no one chooses the songs for me....and my husband appreciates and enjoys it when ever I pick up my guitar. So nice.I have always been a singer. Some people would say “I've got the music in me”. I loved to sing but never had the “stick-to-it-iveness” to learn an instrument. I tried many but they just took too long to learn! But my voice was already there and I already knew how to use it. I couldn't read music much past “follow the bouncing ball” but that was okay. I sang the lead in 2 musicals in high school and had dreams of being a rock star!I met my ex husband on the set of our high school's … [Read more...]