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Tried to Be the Perfect Woman for Him

by aussiemamaPart 1 | Part 2 | Part 3I used to have an illusion that when I got married, we’d be one big, happy, patriarchial family. My husband would be a strong leader, I would be the submissive housewife. I was a “good Baptist girl”. I was a stay at home wife (and soon to be mom – was pregnant within two weeks of marriage), was growing very long hair (which I still like), only wore skirts and dresses (which I still do but for much different reasons). I went to church every time the doors were open even though my morning sickness was a terrible, all day ordeal where I couldn’t eat a thing but still kept vomiting, and couldn’t keep down any liquids, even water or Gatorade, and I had it … [Read more...]

Purging Satan's music….

by ErikaShortly after my family entered the cult of patriarchy, my father felt convicted that he needed to rid his house of Satan's music. This meant getting rid of all his classic rock albums and cassettes. With a family of 6 struggling through the recession of the early 90s in northern NH, those albums would definitely have netted a bit of money that could have been put to good use. As most fundamentalists are taught, if it's not good for you, then it's not good for anyone. Instead of selling those albums, they had to be destroyed.When I found out about this, I was upset. There were albums in that pile that I had been brought up on. Songs that my father brought us up on and that we … [Read more...]

All Saints

by caluluToday was All Saints Day, November 1. It’s the one day where I miss my late father the most. He and I were the two in our large New Orleans clan that would observe the rituals of All Saints. We’d pack a picnic lunch of poboys and potato salad along with cleaning supplies and head out to the cemetery with my ancient Great Aunts.  In South Louisiana entire families turn out at the graveyard to spend time remembering and honoring dead relatives by cleaning the tombstones. A special time of family remembrances and togetherness. It was our ritual that I still carry out when I’m in South Louisiana.It’s a ritual that my years in fundamentalist Quiverful country robbed from me. In my y … [Read more...]

"… the voices of exited women can not be ignored again"

In the few short months since its launch, No Longer Quivering has become a hub for discussion and critique of the Quiverfull lifestyle and other forms of patriarchal forms of Christianity for both the original authors and the smartly-engaged commenters and contributors.The personal stories of site founders Vyckie and Laura drew in masses of readers curious or concerned about the role of women within this fundamentalist movement and soon sparked broader discussion of how women fare under the more common forms of gender inequality in conservative Christianity, such as the mainstream promotion of wifely submission and male headship.While I was researching and reporting Quiverfull, stories … [Read more...]

My Secret Desires

Lust Behind the Modest Denim Curtain by Arietty During my most deepest, holiest, quivering before God years I would sometimes find my Christian Womanhood alarmingly infiltrated by admirations that were NOT the admirations of a woman whose price was "above rubies". These admirations stood in stark contrast to my floral blouses and the verses in cross stitch I had displayed on the walls of my home and to the Christian women whose example I wished to emulate. I knew they were wrong, dubious at best and not something I would ever admit to. They were like chocolates hidden in the underwear drawer of a dieter. I knew they were there and I had no intention of throwing them away and every now … [Read more...]