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The Joy Behar Show

by VyckieWhat a day this has been!  It's 1 a.m. here in New York City ~ and I really ought to be sleeping since they're sending a driver for me at 5:45 in the morning to take me to the airport ~ but I'm still so wound up about the interview!The taping was a blast ~ and although there was plenty about the actual program that could have gone better ~ overall, I thought it was an okay show.Well ~ let me go back to the "beginning" and I'll just write about how everything went ~ since it's late ~ this'll be mostly "just the facts" ~ after I get home, I'll go into more detail, okay? ;)I arrived at the Time Warner building around 3:30 in the afternoon and was taken to the "green room" ~ w … [Read more...]

Psalm 127 ~ blessed is the MAN

by VyckieThroughout my Quiverfull years, I built my life around the basic premise of Psalm 127 ~ Lo, Children are a blessing ...Recently, I've been thinking that the message "children are a blessing" is maybe not actually the basic premise, but rather, Psalm 127 is really about "blessed is the MAN."In the ancient patriarchal society of Old Testament times, any man with 6, 8 ... 12 children was practically guaranteed to be prosperous and influential. But Psalm 127 really tells us nothing about the condition of the woman who was working her ass off to make it happen for him.I still believe that children are a blessing ~ but not because Psalm 127 says so.  That psalm is one of the mo … [Read more...]

Vegetarian for God

by Tapati  A typical Indian-inspired meal at our houseI am often asked why I’m still a vegetarian if I left the Hare Krishna Movement. The only way some people can make sense of being a vegetarian for thirty five years is if religious conviction is involved. It is rare to find a vegetarian for health reasons abstaining as strictly. Don’t we all lapse from our commitment to do certain things for our health? Who avoids sugar all the time, even when they’ve made a promise or a New Year’s Resolution?My own vegetarianism came more from my upbringing on my grandparents’ farm than just from a rule given to me by ISKCON. While that helped me make the final commitment, I was thinking about b … [Read more...]

No Turning Back

by TapatiTapati's altar I was asked recently if I felt there was any hope that I might someday renew my desire to serve and unite with Krishna and engage in kirtan with others of a like mind in a non-denominational, low pressure environment. Following that, I was asked what I missed about the Hare Krishna Movement. Others wondered why I kept my initiated name, Tapati and made it my legal name.I can imagine that my spiritual path seems confusing. From outside it might look like I have worshiped more than one God in my life: The Trinity of Catholicism, Krishna, myriad Goddesses, and Kuan Yin.What I have been doing from my perspective is sorting through different cultural viewpoints … [Read more...]

Things I Loved and Why I Really Loved Them

by AriettyThere were a lot of things in my QF days I professed to love.. no I actually loved. Things that were very important to me. Things I built friendships on. Things I was suddenly so completely over that it's like another person had those interests. I got a bit of a shock when I realized what some of those interests were really about. Two of them stand out because it's impossible to be in the home or in the church without being reminded of these past loves.1. Conferences. OH how I LOVED conferences. Homeschooling conferences, Creation Science conferences, regular old Evangelical bible study conferences. I went to all of them and if something stopped me from attending (with six … [Read more...]

Anything you can do, I can do in a skirt!

by SierraYoung women following the patriarchal doctrine of William Branham’s “Message of the Hour” liked to refer to themselves as the “skirt girls.” Skirts and dresses were the only attire sufficiently modest and feminine for young ladies raised in the shadow of the prophet. Hemlines had to fall below the knees – and stay below them when the wearer was sitting down. Hair often besieged the knees from above, making them a kind of modesty battleground that should never, ever catch a gleam of daylight. Tanned knees were the mark of a harlot. As a little girl, I didn’t mind it much. I was convinced that my wrinkly knees were unsightly and ought to be hidden in the first place. What was I com … [Read more...]

A Friend's Perspective

by ErikaLike most kids that are taken out of public school and start homeschooling, and whose families dive head first into patriarchy and fundamentalism, friendships that these kids have end up fizzling out with "old friends" as parents tighten the reigns. Sometimes, friendships are cut off altogether.I found myself in the position of my parents tryng to wean me away from my friends and because many of my friends didn't understand what was truly happening in our home, they became uncomfortable and confused around us and our parents and eventually, they just stopped calling and coming around. I found myself thinking that I was out of sight, so I must have been out of mind, too. As a … [Read more...]

Will use your book in my college class

Vyckie,I have been reading your posts- actually soaking it all up like a sponge might be a better way of putting it. I am a college instructor and graduate student, finishing up my PhD in sociology at NC State. I have, for the most part, avoided the topic of religion with my students here in the Bible Belt. I just wanted to let you know that when you publish your book I will have my students buy it and read it. I support your endeavor. You do a phenomenal job of explaining the appeal of the QF movement and the ups/downs of a patriarchal culture. You analyze your own emotions amazingly well and connect everything to capitalism, your traumatic childhood, and so many sociological … [Read more...]

Bumpin' up against The Patriarchy

by VyckieI am running out of superlatives to describe my experience here in NYC ~ Wow!! just doesn't really say it, you know?  LOLThis is the view from my hotel room window ~ it's the New Year's Eve Millennium Ball at One Times Square.I slept quite comfortably in the soft, cozy bed ~ all white sheets and a fluffy white duvet.  I always avoid purchasing anything white as there's no way it would stay clean at my house ~ so the bed felt extra luxurious to me just because of all the white.The pampering continues too ~ this morning a waiter (? see, this is so foreign to me that I don't even have the vocabulary to tell you all about it) dressed in black and white, including a bow tie, d … [Read more...]

So Much Less

by aussiemama    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3I was so frustrated, I had no idea where I had gone wrong with “Created to Be His Help Meet” but I decided that the problem was definitely with me. The book said so! Any marriage problem could be traced back to the woman. I needed to accept that I as a woman was pure evil and my husband was like a god. So why did the mere thought of that make me feel so uneasy and miserable?So I shifted from “Created to Be His Help Meet” when I found Vision Forum’s materials. I felt that I had now hit the jackpot with the epitome of all that is Christian Womanhood. I read Christian Womanhood blogs. I even started “encouraging” bloggers like Kelly at Generation … [Read more...]