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Tapati's Body Image Workshop: Taking Care of Ourselves

by Tapati1) Make a list of ten things you would do if you really loved your body. Pick one and start doing it now. As you progress you can choose other things from the list. This is an especially powerful exercise for those women who have been waiting to do nearly everything "until I lose those pounds."2) Create a support system of friends who support you in loving the body you have now. You may find that your circle of friends shifts as you seek out people who are supportive and leave behind people who won't accept your limits on negative body talk or diet propaganda. This requires a commitment to yourself--you realize that you deserve acceptance and won't settle for less.3) Surround … [Read more...]

Tapati's Body Image Workshop: Day Three Assignment

by TapatiThis one can be a quick brainstorm for most of you--it's the second step that will take more time.Make a list of ten things you would like to do if you had your ideal body that you aren't doing now. Most of us do have a picture in mind of what our ideal body would look like--plus or minus x pounds, minus the scar, with a little more or less height, younger/older, different hair or features--and we imagine we'd be more confident and take more risks or do different things if we looked like our ideal image.In the case of illness or loss of certain abilities this can be more challenging, of course. There are literally some things you may not be able to do.Step 2 is to pick one … [Read more...]