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Out of the Matrix ~ Part 2: Biblewives

Warning: This story series contains descriptions of physical CherylAnnHannahWe broke ground for the house my husband wanted to build on the day my sixth child was born.  I had to drive over to the building site where a bulldozer was gouging deep furrows in the grassy meadow where our house would eventually stand in order to get my husband to drive me to the hospital.  Hannah was nearly a c-section baby, but just before the obstetrician came to prep me for the procedure, her cord, which had been laying across the cervix, and which was in danger of prolapse, moved out of the way and several hours later I pushed her out into the world.She was only six weeks old when I loaded her … [Read more...]

Demand For An Apology

Seneca Falls 2 Convention Issues a Demand for an Apology from Complementarians for the Harm Fostered by their Sub-Christian DoctrineOn July 24, 2010 at the conclusion of the Seneca Falls 2 Evangelical Christian Women’s Convention, the newly established Freedom for Christian Women Coalition issued a list of concerns and demands to Drs. Randy Stinson and J. Ligon Duncan, III of the Council on Biblical Manhood and BIBLICALWomanhood (CBMW), demanding that they repent of their aberrant and sub-Christian doctrines.  (These individuals will receive original copies of the document on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 10 AM, CST, according to the projection of Fed Ex tracking information.)Shirley Taylor, f … [Read more...]