Revisiting Tapati’s Body Image Workshop: Day One Assignment

by TapatiFind some images online, in card shops, in books or magazines, or elsewhere of women (or men) whose body type resembles your own. It’s OK if this project takes more than one day, but spend at least 15 minutes per day on it until you have assembled several images. You might color-copy or scan some images if you go to the library to find them. When it comes to magazines, you might look in something other than fashion-oriented issues. Try everything from National Geographic to alternative press titles. Pagan magazines are a good bet for a variety of images.Older woman can find some wonderful images in a deck of cards entitled “Wisdom of the Crone.” You can find them … [Read more...]

NLQ Featured Writer: Libby Anne

Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network member, Libby Anne blogs at Love, Joy, Feminism The Beautiful Girlhood Doll by Libby AnneIntroduction (1) Faith & Fortitude (2) Purity & Contentment (3) Femininity & Grace (4) Enthusiasm & Industry (5) Home & Hospitality (6) Joy & Friendship (7) Submission & Obedience (8) Out of the Dollhouse and Into the Real World (9) The Broken Doll (10) I Am a Person, Not a Doll!Also by Libby Anne:Quiverfull Mothers It's About the DAUGHTERS Sons of PatriarchyRaised Quiverfull:Introducing, Raised Quiverfull!Raised Quiverfull: Introductory QuestionsEmotional Incest:Emotional I … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Living the Life Part 2

by Libby AnneRaised Quiverfull Introduction — Questioning SummaryQuestion 3: How often did you, your siblings, and your parents read the Bible? Were you guided by your parents or pastors in how to interpret the Bible, especially certain passages, or were you generally free to form your own ideas about what the Bible said?Joe:Suffice it to say that I have read through the whole Bible about forty times.  We were required to read it daily after school. During the summer months, while on summer vacation, we had to read it every morning before breakfast.  Our interpretation of it came directly from Billy Boy G’s [Bill Gothard] reading of the text.  I got to the point wher … [Read more...]