Eastern Orthodoxy & Catholicism (Index Page)

Eastern Orthodoxy & Catholicism (Index Page) November 8, 2006
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Roman See as Historic Standard-Bearer of Orthodoxy (+ the Ecclesiological Absurdity of Anti-Catholic-Type Eastern Orthodox Arguments Against Roman Primacy & Apostolicity) [1997]

Attempted “Dialogue” with an Anti-Catholic Orthodox [1997]

Sack of Constantinople (1204) & Unknown Byzantine Atrocities [1998]

Dialogue w Anti-Catholic Orthodox Christian (ROCOR) [1998]

Is Orthodoxy Immune from Modernism and Dissent? [11-7-98]

Anti-Catholic Orthodox Claims of Exclusive Apostolic Succession [Nov. 1998; revised in 2004]

Dialogue w Orthodox on Why Catholics Become Orthodox [3-20-99]

Schisms & Heresies in Eastern Christianity Before 1054 [2000]

Caesaropapism in Orthodoxy & the Byzantine Empire [2000]

Clarification on Heretical Eastern Patriarchs (260-715) [1-7-03]

Orthodoxy & Catholicism Read by Czech Bishops & Priests [6-16-11]

Exchange with an Anti-Catholic Orthodox: Originally on the Papacy (vs. Richard A. Shaward) [Facebook, 12-2-11]

Further Thoughts on Catholic-Orthodox Discussion [Facebook, 12-20-13] [+ earlier, humorous installment: about someone trashing me because I made a “patristic typo”: Facebook, 12-19-13]

Preface to 3rd Revised 2015 Edition of Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison [6-11-14]

Crusades Controversy & “Discussion” (?) w Orthodox [8-14-14]

Orthodoxy & Catholicism: A Comparison: Reply to Introduction (Fr. Daniel Dozier) [8-18-14]

Mike Frost Trashes Me Regarding St. Athanasius [6-6-20]

C. S. Lewis Liked Orthodox Services [Facebook, 9-1-20]



Is Catholicism Unbiblically “Rationalistic”? (Orthodox Criticisms) [July 2015]

Development of Doctrine in Orthodoxy & Catholicism: Is There an Essential Difference? (w Fr. Daniel Dozier) [2015]

Dialogue: Relation of Mystery & Reason in Christianity [3-12-20]



Filioque: Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue (William Klimon) [July 1997]

Dialogue: Original Sin, Jesus, & Mary’s Immaculate Conception [9-4-08]

Holy Spirit, Procession, & the Father’s & Son’s Love [7-3-09] 

“Western” View of the Holy Trinity, Monarchia, Procession, Etc. (vs. David Waltz and Drake Shelton) [3-5-12]



Pope St. Leo the Great, the “Robber” Council of 449, and the Council of Chalcedon in 451 (St. John Henry Cardinal Newman) [Facebook, 1993]

50 New Testament Proofs for Petrine Primacy & the Papacy [1994]

Roman See as Historic Standard-Bearer of Orthodoxy (+ the Ecclesiological Absurdity of Anti-Catholic-Type Eastern Orthodox Arguments Against Roman Primacy & Apostolicity) [1997]

Pope Silvester and the Council of Nicaea (vs. James White) [August 1997]

The Development of the Papacy (St. John Henry Cardinal Newman) [Facebook, 1997]

Bible on Papal & Church Infallibility [2007]

Council of Nicea: Reply to James White: Its Relationship to Pope Sylvester, Athanasius’ Views, & the Unique Preeminence of Catholic Authority [4-2-07]

Papal Participation in the First Seven Ecumenical Councils [4-22-09]

The Nature of Papal Leadership: “Servant of Servants” [from Karl Adam; Facebook, 2-2-12]

Quick, Highly Effective Argument for the Existence of the Papacy in the First 200 Years [Facebook, 3-13-13]

The Papacy & Conciliarity (or, Collegiality): How Popes Routinely Consult Bishops, Priests, and Laity Prior to Momentous Decrees [9-13-14]

Did Pope Gregory the Great Deny Papal Primacy & Supremacy? [9-16-17]

Pope St. Leo the Great (r. 440-461) and Papal Supremacy [9-19-17]

Shock! Former Catholic Rod Dreher Loves Lawler’s Pope-Bashing Book (Sin in the Church and Dreher’s Inadequately Explained Rejection of Catholic Doctrine) [2-22-18]



Divorce: Early Church Teaching [Oct. 1998]

Dialogue on Annulment & Divorce: Essentially Different? [1997-1999]

Biblical Evidence for Annulments [2002]

Biblical Evidence for Prohibiting Divorce [2004]

Orthodoxy & Divorce: Biblical & Apostolic Teaching? [2015]

Annulment is Not “Catholic Divorce” [11-17-15]



Contraception: Early Church Teaching(William Klimon) [1998]

Dialogue: Contraception vs. NFP: Crucial Ethical Distinctions [2-16-01]

Dialogue: Orthodox Compromises on Contraception [3-21-01]

Biblical Evidence Against Contraception [5-3-06]

Dialogue: Contraception & Natural Family Planning (NFP) [5-16-06]

The Bible on the Blessing of [Many] Children [3-9-09]

Orthodoxy & Contraception: Continuity or Compromise? [2015]



Dialogue: Original Sin, Jesus, & Mary’s Immaculate Conception [9-4-08]

Group Discussion on Eastern vs. Western Conceptions of Original Sin (with Eastern Catholics and Orthodox) (+ discussion on a second continuing Facebook thread) [Facebook, 6-28-14 and 6-30-14; note: later portions of the long initial thread become a more general Catholic-Orthodox discussion, mostly between myself and John Fiscus] 





Eucharist: Orthodox and Catholic Views [5-3-13 and 15 and 20 September 2016] 



Eastern Orthodoxy, Councils, & Doctrinal Development [2000]

Orthodox & Catholic Ecclesiology: Possible Synthesis? [11-23-11]



Theosis and the Exalted Virgin Mary [7-11-04]

St. Bonaventure on Deification / Theosis [Facebook, 3-11-14]

St. Teresa of Avila on Deification / Theosis [Facebook, 4-11-14]

Theosis / Deification / Divinization in Western Spirituality [2015]



Is Purgatory a “Place” or a “Condition”?: Misconceptions From [Eastern Orthodox] Fr. Ambrose About My Opinion (and the Church’s View) / Also: Development and Alleged Historical Revisionism [7-24-05]

Jay Dyer: Intellectual Limbo Re Catholic Belief in Limbo (with Dr. Robert Fastiggi) [7-24-20]



A Catholic View of Orthodoxy (Aidan Nichols)

Why I am Not Eastern Orthodox (Nick’s Catholic Blog

Why I am Catholic and Not Orthodox (Justin Geldart)

Why Catholic and Not Eastern Orthodox? (Joe Heschmeyer)

The Idea of Doctrinal Development in Eastern Orthodox Theology (from From Newman to Congar; by Aidan Nichols)

Eastern Monasticism (Adrian Fortescue)

Several In-Depth Articles on the Filioque Issue (Dr. Michael Liccione)

Is There a Byzantine Mariology? (John Samaha)

Filioque (Church Fathers; ed. Joe Gallegos)

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