Watch: Saul persecutes the Christians, and Tiberius comes to Jerusalem, in new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues

Watch: Saul persecutes the Christians, and Tiberius comes to Jerusalem, in new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues May 11, 2015


A.D. The Bible Continues slipped again in the ratings last night.

The sixth episode of the NBC series got a 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic (down from 1.1 last week) and only 4.5 million viewers overall (down from 5.5 million).

The series had 9.5 million viewers when it premiered five weeks ago and it has been shedding viewers ever since. Its predecessor, The Bible, got between 10 and 13 million viewers per episode when it aired on the History Channel two years ago.

It’s too early at this point to say what effect ratings like these will have on the series’ future. Yesterday, a report on NBC’s primetime schedule for next year said the fate of A.D. will be decided after the first season comes to an end on June 21.

Last night’s episode was a significant one, as it gave us our first full introduction to Saul, the persecutor of the Church who will one day switch sides and, under the name Paul, become one of the Church’s greatest evangelists.

Shortly after the episode aired, the network released this clip of Saul in action:

Today, the network also released a clip from next week’s episode, in which Saul tracks down Peter’s daughter Maya and leaves a menacing message for her father:

The network also released this clip of Pilate and Caiaphas fretting over the (incredibly unhistorical) news that the emperor Tiberius is about to visit Jerusalem:

You can get a glimpse of Tiberius’s arrival itself in this 14-second preview:

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here (though be warned: it appears that the network has taken some of the trailers and clips offline already):

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