Archives for March 14, 2014

Wiles: America a Nazi Dictatorship!

Rick Wiles of TruNews radio can always be counted on to deliver the most idiotic and hyperbolic position on pretty much any subject. On his Wednesday show, he went on a bizarre rant about how America has been taken over by a Nazi dictatorship, which will lead to World War III: … [Read more...]

Ruse: Liberal Professors Should All Be Shot

Austin Ruse, head of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, seems to be trying to outdo his Protestant allies in the fight against equality. He filled in as guest host for Sandy Rios' radio show and went on a tirade about the Duke student who does porn, blaming it on liberals who run universities and saying they should all be shot. … [Read more...]

Inventer of WWW Wants Online Bill of Rights

As battles continue over net neutrality in the United States, the man who invented the world wide web is using the 25th anniversary of its debut to argue for an international online bill of rights to guarantee access to the internet without interference. … [Read more...]

On Equality, the Personal IS the Political

Andrew Sullivan, who has been pushing for marriage equality for 25 years now, long before it was even a minor issue politically, has been having an exchange with Rod Dreher, one of the most reasonable conservatives in the country, over that issue. Sully explains why he thinks Dreher may feel so aggrieved by the whole thing: … [Read more...]

Will Obama Rein in the CIA?

In the wake of allegations that the CIA spied on the Senate committee that oversees it and hid evidence from them, along with revelations about the NSA's data mining activities, there is at least some pressure on President Obama to rein in the power of America's intelligence community. Will he? I think that's unlikely. Eli Lake suggests that doing so would lead the CIA to retaliate by leaking damaging details about the administration's policies. … [Read more...]

Young Republicans Support Marriage Equality

A new Pew survey shows that Republicans between the ages of 18 and 29 overwhelmingly support marriage equality for LGBT people, a stark contrast to the views of the party they support. And those numbers drop with each age group as you get older. … [Read more...]

New Jersey Bans Tesla Car Sales

New Jersey just became the third state to ban the sale of Tesla cars directly to customers who want them. Because never forget that the stated glories of the free market (which are real, actually) must always take a back seat to political grift and rent-seeking companies. … [Read more...]

Tea Partier: You’ll Go To Hell if You Vote for Common Core

An Alabama Tea Party leader testified before that state's legislature about a bill that would let school districts opt out of the Common Core educational standards and told them that it's all a gay socialist plot to destroy Christianity and that if they voted against the bill, they'll go to hell. … [Read more...]

Cruz’ Laughable History of Republican Courage

You almost have to hand it to Ted Cruz. That he can say something like this with a straight face is pretty remarkable. He went on Sandy Rios' radio show and actually claimed that unlike the Democrats, when Republican presidents have broken the law, Republicans have stood up and stopped them. Seriously, I'm not making this up: … [Read more...]

Barber Threatens Third Party Move

Bigot Matt Barber highlights perfectly the Scylla and Caribdis through which the Republican party must navigate as they try to appease their base while not scaring the living shit out of everyone else. He says if they don't continue to be as anti-gay as they are, Christians will form their own third party. … [Read more...]

Robertson Thinks Horror Movies Cause Demonic Possession

And now, your moment of irony. Pat Robertson, who is resembling more and more the Crypt Keeper as he ages, says that watching horror movies can cause you to be possessed by demons. Watching the 700 Club, on the other hand, can cause you to be possessed by stupidity. … [Read more...]

‘Coach’ Dave Meets Linda Harvey

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire is still whining about the fact that he didn't get another football coaching job after being fired from the first two he held. He went on the radio with uber-bigot Linda Harvey and declared that his critics are "of their father, the Devil." And then lots of ignorant and bigoted ranting against gay people and everyone else. … [Read more...]