Watch: The seventh episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D.

Watch: The seventh episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D. May 24, 2015


In this week’s Beyond A.D., host Jason Kennedy is joined by recording artist Michelle Williams and pastors Wilfredo “Pastor Choco” De Jesús and Erwin McManus. The episode also features a new clip from tonight’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues and a musical performance by Colton Dixon. Check it out below the jump.

Here is the episode itself:

A few highlights:

  • De Jesus and Williams discuss how “kind” and “humble” Tiberius was, which, um, isn’t how the ancient historians describe him (c. the 5-minute mark).
  • De Jesus and McManus contrast Peter’s pacifist aggression in this episode with the violence he committed in Gethsemane (which has never been mentioned, much less depicted, in this series) (c. the 14-minute mark).
  • De Jesus says Caligula was a “nutcase”, though some historians have challenged that idea in recent years (c. the 20-minute mark).
  • A new clip from tonight’s episode (c. the 28-minute mark).

Colton Dixon’s musical performance has also been posted as a standalone clip:

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here (though be warned: it appears that the network has taken some of the trailers and clips offline already):

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