Watch: The eighth episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D.

Watch: The eighth episode of digital talk show Beyond A.D. May 31, 2015


In this week’s Beyond A.D., host Jason Kennedy discusses the conversion of Saul with author Bob Goff, actor Josh Henderson and pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. The episode also features a new clip from tonight’s episode of A.D. The Bible Continues and a musical performance by Hillsong United. Check it out below the jump.

Here is the episode itself:

A few highlights:

  • Goff discusses why God let Saul do so much evil before Jesus finally reveals himself to Saul on the road to Damascus (c. the 3-minute mark).
  • Similarly, Goff discusses why people had to suffer before Peter performed his miracles and cured them (c. the 10-minute mark).
  • Wilkerson discusses how, in Matthew 28, some of the people who saw the resurrected Jesus still had doubts (c. the 14-minute mark).
  • Goff talks about how Peter stood by when Ananias and Sapphira were struck down, but he interceded for Simon the Magician (c. the 26-minute mark).
  • A new clip from tonight’s episode (c. the 32-minute mark).

Hillsong United’s musical performance has also been posted as a standalone clip:

You can also watch a bonus clip with Goff’s personal testimony:

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here (though be warned: it appears that the network has taken some of the trailers and clips offline already):

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