Watch: Caiaphas argues with his wife and Saul, and more, in five new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues

Watch: Caiaphas argues with his wife and Saul, and more, in five new clips from A.D. The Bible Continues June 1, 2015


A.D. The Bible Continues saw its ratings go up for the first time ever last night.

The ninth episode of the Bible-themed series scored 0.9/3 in the 18-49 demographic, which was higher than the ratings for the last two weeks, and it had 4.8 million viewers overall, which was the highest since the fifth episode aired four weeks ago.

The series had 9.5 million viewers when it premiered eight weeks ago, and until this week its ratings and/or total viewers had gone down every week since. Its predecessor, The Bible, got between 10 and 13 million viewers per episode two years ago.

As usual the morning after, the network has released a few new clips from the series.

First, from last night, a longer version of the conversation between Peter and Saul:

Next, a couple of sneak peeks from next week’s episode.

First, Caiaphas interrogates Saul, who says the Jewish rituals and Jewish priesthood are no longer needed because Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy:

Next, Caiaphas and his wife Leah argue over how to handle Saul:

We also have a recap of last night’s episode…

…and a 14-second preview of next week’s episode:

Update: The original version of this post had just three clips, not five.

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here (though be warned: it appears that the network has taken some of the trailers and clips offline already):

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