We’ve gotten requests to take our Q+R Youtube sessions and put them on the podcast for people to enjoy listening to, without the hassle of watching a Youtube video :)
This is a Q+R on our Heaven and Earth video.

Thank you to all our supporters! You are so meaningful to us!

Q's and Timestamps:

  1. Why does the Bible Project video only talk about heaven and earth and not hell? (1:15)
  2. Could people have gotten injured in the Garden of Eden before the fall? (4:09)
  3. Uniqueness of Hebrew temples v other culture temples in the ancient world (8:15)
  4. Is there a disembodied state? What does Jesus mean when he says “you will be with me in paradise today” to the thief on the cross? (10:24)
  5. What is the relationship between the “thousand year reign” of Jesus and heaven? (14:30)
  6. At the end of the world, does Jesus come here? Or does he take us away and then bring heaven to earth. (17:50)
  7. In the Old Testament God seems to say “just be a good person, love your neighbor etc” but in the New Testament, it seems like God wants to “save you from hell.” Why the change? (21:06)
  8. What was the Old Testament Hebrew Kings’ knowledge of Heaven/Hell/Sheol. (30:25)
  9. Is or Isn’t there marriage in heaven? (34:45)
  10. Is love the meaning of the universe? What does the Lord’s Prayer mean “on earth as it is in heaven?” And what does it look like for Heaven and Earth to unite? (39:45)

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