This summer we are re-releasing audio of a Youtube Q+R series we did on Old Testament books. This week we are in the book of Genesis.
We cover a lot of questions in this episode like why would God ask for a child sacrifice from Abraham and Isaac, when he forbids child sacrifice?

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Q's and Timestamps:

Genesis 12-end

  1. How do you approach the theme that God’s approach to solving the mess, is a mess itself? Why does God keep working with screwed up people? (0:56)
  2. Who is “the Angel of the Lord” in Genesis? (9:07)
  3. Why would God request child sacrifice of Abraham/Isaac? (14:37)
  4. Why is Isaac limited in what he can bless Esau with after he blessed Jacob earlier? (21:27)
  5. Who is the author of Genesis? (27:38)
  6. Is Joseph in Genesis a type of Christ? (32:06)
  7. What is the deal with Melchizedek? (38:32)

Original video conversation:
Genesis videos: &

Additional Resources:
Tim's lecture on the origins of the Bible.

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