This week is our second to last release in our Old Testament Q+R series.
We talk Deuteronomy. It's an interesting read. Moses is delivering his farewell address, a soliloquy urging Israel to follow God and his commandments. But some of his commandments seem pretty strange, especially to modern Westerners. Why did God have commandments about how slaves should be treated? Did he approve of slavery? And what about Israel's treatment of other nations when they would invade?

Tim and Jon discuss these questions and many more.

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Q's and Timestamps:

  1. What does "love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind mean"? (8:25)
  2. What does “the Lord is one” mean in the Shema? (20:40)
  3. Is there the Holy spirit in the Old Testament/ in Deuteronomy (22:45)
  4. Why did ancient Israel have slaves? (23:30)
  5. Giants in the bible? Deuteronomy mentions giants, are these connected to the Nephilim in Genesis 6? (31:05)
  6. What do the laws in Deut 20 mean about taking a wife as a captive from war? (36:53)
  7. Does obeying the law teach you to love God? (40:35)
  8. What is the true context of Deuteronomy? (44:30)

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