This episode is the backstory to a question that we ask ourselves a lot at The Bible Project. Maybe you ask yourself this question too. What happens when we die? Where did the biblical authors think a person went after they died? Do we go to heaven, and what does the Bible tell us about heaven? This is a question that is really helpful to work and think through, and there’s a ton to unpack. We put all of our thoughts into a new workbook we created called, "Heaven and Earth." Look for the link to download in the credits below.

In the first part of the episode (02:22-37:10), the guys talk about some of the confusing language in the Bible about heaven. In the Gospel of John, Jesus talks about "his Father's house" and him "going to prepare a place for you." What ideas were Jesus and John trying to communicate with these sayings? The ideas might surprise you.

In the second part of this episode (37:27-55:19), the guys talk about what it means for heaven and earth to overlap. In his gospel, John talks about Jesus followers being “not of this world.” What does this mean? Is Heaven wholly other? And what is the purpose of heaven and earth meeting if we are just going to fly off to heaven when we die? Tim unpacks the way John uses language in his gospel and what this phrase might mean. God’s world is good, and it’s worthy of being redeemed, and this is crucial to grasp in how we think about heaven.

This episode is designed to accompany our video called, “Heaven & Earth." You can view it on our youtube channel here:

Heaven & Earth workbook by The Bible Project:
The Gospel of John and Christian Theology by Richard Bauckham

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