In this episode, Tim and Jon continue their discussion from last time about what it means for God to be in “the heavens” and transcend humans. They’ll go a little bit deeper and talk about what it looks like for God’s space and human space to overlap. The biblical story begins with the mingling of these two spaces, and it was only after human rebellion that they became separated. The guys take a look at what Scripture says about heaven and earth and the future hope that one day God’s presence will permeate all of creation again.

In the first part of the episode (02:19-19:43), the guys discuss the imagery of cherubim in the Bible. The picture that most of us have of cherubim––chubby babies with wings––is pretty far off from what the Bible is trying to tell us about God’s heavenly space. Eden was a picture of God’s ideal––human and heavenly space intermingling––and Jesus is a representation of that. In fact, you can’t separate Jesus from God’s presence and holiness. There are little explosions of Eden everywhere that Jesus goes.

In the second part of the episode (20:11-24:34), the guys talk about the concept of resurrection and new creation. The redemption of creation that is promised is completely wrapped up in the idea of God’s presence once again filling human spaces.

In the last part of the episode (25:08-36:58), Tim and Jon look at the symbolism behind temples in the Bible. Kings built temples as symbols of hope for restoring God’s presence among his people, but Jesus declared that he was the new temple and God’s bodily presence on earth.

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Book References:
The Resurrection of the Son of God by N.T. Wright

Scripture References:
Genesis 1-2
Isaiah 2
Isaiah 11
Psalm 73
Isaiah 26
Daniel 12
Ezekiel 37

Show Music:
Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music
Blue Skies by Unwritten Stories
Flooded Meadows by Unwritten Stories