In this episode, the guys continue their discussion of the law with a look at the prophets. The prophetic books in the Bible are an interesting follow up to the Torah. The prophets seemed to really be getting at God’s heart behind the law, and they were desperate to see Israel come out of their rebellion. Tim and Jon will wrap up their discussion by looking at Jesus’ response to the law. He was the answer to Old Testament prophecies, but he didn’t come to get rid of the law, Jesus came to fulfill it. As Jesus followers, we have to wrestle with what this means for us.

In the first part of the episode (00:56-12:18), the guys talk about Jeremiah and Ezekiel’s response to Israel’s disobedience. They warned of consequences to rebellion, but their primary message was the radical heart change that needed to take place.

In the next part of the episode (12:33-21:30), Tim and Jon talk about Jesus challenging the common interpretations of the law in the Gospels. He boiled down all of God’s commands to the great command: love God and love people. Jesus wasn’t focused on the letter of the law, but the heart behind it. The religious leaders of the day had becoming totally wrapped up in legalism and had lost sight of the purpose behind the laws.

In the next part of the episode (21:46-33:57), the guys discuss the central debate of the New Testament: should Jesus followers have to follow the commands even if they aren’t Jewish? The apostles were divided on this, and it’s a question that Paul comes back to throughout his letters.

In the final part of the episode (34:12-50:05), the guys wrap things up with a discussion on what the law should mean for Jesus followers today. Though these laws likely won’t affect our day-to-day lives, there is profound wisdom to be gained, especially when we understand God’s purpose for giving them. When we look at the context the laws were given in, we can see God’s heart for his people and his creation.

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Scripture References:
Matthew 5
Deuteronomy 6
Romans 14

Show Music:
Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music
Blue Skies by Unwritten Stories
Flooded Meadows by Unwritten Stories