Jesus is our priest, our atoning sacrifice––and our brother? In this episode, join Tim, Jon, and special guest the Rev. Amy Peeler, Ph.D., as they discuss the book of Hebrews and how the many characteristics of God found in this epistle set him apart as wholly other and also form our identities as his followers.

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  • Part one (0:00-13:15)
  • Part two (13:15-28:20)
  • Part three (28:20-38:30)
  • Part four (38:30-51:30)
  • Part five (51:30-end)

Referenced Resources

  • Interested in more? Check out Tim’s library here.
  • Amy L. B. Peeler, You Are My Son: The Family of God in the Epistle to the Hebrews
  • Amy L. B. Peeler and Patrick Gray, Hebrews: An Introduction and Study Guide
  • Madison N. Pierce, Divine Discourse in the Epistle to the Hebrews: The Recontextualization of Spoken Quotations of Scripture

Show Music 

  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS
  • “Into the Past” by CYGN
  • “Cycles” by SwuM
  • “Surrender” by Pilgrim

Show produced by Dan Gummel and Cooper Peltz. Show notes by Lindsey Ponder. 

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