This is our final episode in our Youtube Q+R Series. In this episode, Tim and Jon respond to questions on the Old Testament book of Jonah. Below are the questions and time marks they appear.

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   Jonah Overview  - 0-6:30
  1. Is Jonah a real person or a parable? (6:30)
  2. If God is interested in choosing upright people to work with, why would God choose Jonah, who doesn’t seem to be an upright man? (16:10)
  3. Why is Jonah so angry about God showing compassion on Nineveh? (20:00)
  4. Why do we think Jonah’s five word sermon in Jonah 4 is the whole thing? How do we know the rest wasn’t lost? (28:45)
  5. How do you know that Jonah is “angry” with God? (32:55)
  6. What happened between the book of Jonah and Nahum? Was the Nineveh's repentance a fluke? (36:43)
  7. What is Jesus talking about in Matthew 12 and the sign of Jonah? (39:35)
  8. How does Jonah describe God’s character and how does that compare to how Job describes God’s character? (44:25)

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