We’ve gotten requests to take the live Q+R’s on our YouTube channel and put them here on our podcast. That way people can listen to it without having to watch a video. This is our Q+R on Holiness.

Thank you to all our supporters! You are so meaningful to us!

Q's and Timestamps:

  1. In the Bible, does holiness mean “perfection” or does it just mean separated and cut off from? (4:05)
  2. Moses and Joshua have encounters with God on “holy ground” but if God is always present in all of creation, isn’t all ground holy all the time? (15:02)
  3. In the New Testament, is the focus on holiness a call to moral purity? What is the difference between ritual and moral purity? (18:28)
  4. Does holiness only have to do with separation of heart? Or separation of lifestyles? (29:23)
  5. Since God’s holiness is dangerous, how were people in Genesis able to interact with God before the laws were given? (33:05)
  6. John says God is love, but Isaiah says God is holy holy holy. Is this a contradiction? (37:50)

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