Thanks to our audience for all your incredible questions! In this week’s episode, we tackle questions like: How could God break his covenant with the tribe of Levi? What’s the connection between the forehead markings of priests and followers of the beast? And why did offering his own sacrifice cost Saul his kingship? Listen in to hear the team answer your questions.

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  • What’s the Connection Between Israel’s Priests and Modern Church Leaders? (1:04)
  • Are We Meant to “Shine” as God’s Image? (7:40)
  • Mark of the Priest or Mark of the Beast? (14:10)
  • Why Was David Allowed to Break the Sabbath? (20:20)
  • Did God Break His Promise to the Tribe of Levi? (28:30)
  • What Was Wrong With Saul’s Sacrifice? (36:22)

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  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS

Show produced by Dan Gummel and Cooper Peltz. Show notes by Lindsey Ponder. 

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