This is our Q+R episode for the Day of the Lord theme.

Thank you to all the people who submitted questions!

Q's and Timestamps:

  1. The Day of the Lord can be a sensitive subject, so how do you have good and respectful conversations with others about the Day of the Lord? (2:40)
  2. What is the spectrum of views that Christians have on the Day of the Lord and what is the view the Bible Project is presenting? (12:30)
  3. What is the role of divine violence in the Bible? Why does Jesus seem so nice and peaceful in the New Testament but God seems mean and violent in the Old Testament? (17:20)
  4. In Revelation 19, The blood on Jesus’ robe is before the battle. This seemed to be a main point in the Day of the Lord video by the Bible Project. Why is this significant? (47:45)
  5. What is Jesus talking about in Matthew 24? And what is the deal with people disappearing? (121:13)
  6. How should Christians think about staying or migrating in different parts of the world that may be more oppressive than others?(132:25)

Original video conversation:

Additional Resources:
Gregory Boyd, "Divine Aikido" chapter 15 in Crucifixion of the Warrior God.
Ian Boxall, The Book of Revelation.
Leon Morris, The Book of Revelation.
Dale Allison and W.D. Davies, The Gospel according to Matthew.

Music Credits:
Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music