The biblical authors often use creation imagery that clearly didn’t come from Genesis 1. Did they borrow from the creation accounts of other cultures? In this episode, join Tim and Jon for a deep dive into Genesis 1:1-2 and discover its similarity to other ancient cosmologies, plus one key difference: Yahweh is infinitely greater than all other gods.

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  • Part one (0:00-9:00)
  • Part two (9:00-26:00)
  • Part three (26:00-40:00)
  • Part four (40:00-50:00)
  • Part five (50:00-56:30)
  • Part six (56:30-end)

Referenced Resources

  • Interested in more? Check out Tim’s library here.
  • L. Michael Morales, Tabernacle Prefigured: Cosmic Mountain Ideology in Genesis and Exodus
  • George Landes, Creation Traditions in Proverbs 8 and Genesis 1
  • John Sailhamer, Genesis Unbound: A Provocative New Look at the Creation Account

Show Music 

  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS
  • “Synth Groove” by An Awesome Supporter
  • “Feather” by Waywell
  • “Luvtea” by Autumn Keys
  • “Bloc” by kv
  • “Mind Your Time” by

Show produced by Dan Gummel, Zack McKinley, and Cooper Peltz. Show notes by Lindsey Ponder. 

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