This is our Q+R on the book of Numbers in the Old Testament. This audio originally came from a Youtube series of Q+R's that Jon and Tim did. You can view the original Q+R video here:
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Q's and Timestamps

  1. It seems like the pagan sorcerer Balaam has an awareness or a relationship with the Lord, the god of the Hebrews. Is this possible? (2:50)
  2. Did Balaam really have the power to bless and curse people? (9:09)
  3. Does Balaam predict Jesus as the coming king and Messiah of Israel in his final prophecy in Numbers 24? (10:35)
  4. What is the deal with the story of the bronze snakes in Numbers 21? (15:43)
  5. What is the "Book of the Wars of the Lord" in Numbers 21? (21:50)
  6. What does it mean to "bless" in Numbers? Especially the priestly blessing in the Old Testament? (26:58)
  7. Why is Moses unable to enter the promised land as a punishment when he strikes the rock in Numbers 20 ? Doesn't that seem harsh? (32:20)
  8. What is the difference between being ceremonially impure/unclean and being sinful? (41:04)

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