This week, we finish our How to Read the Bible podcast series with one final Q+R episode where we answer questions like, “How do we know Paul’s letters are authentic?” and “Are morning devotionals still okay?” Tune in to hear your questions answered!

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  • Is there still a role for devotional reading? (02:12)
  • Did the New Testament authors take the Old Testament out of context? (07:20)
  • How much of the Hebrew Scriptures did Paul expect the Gentiles to know? (15:30)
  • How much context do we need to really understand the letters? (21:37)
  • How was Paul able to write letters while in prison? (30:38)
  • Could the use of scribes explain differences in Paul’s style? (35:38)
  • How do we apply Paul’s words in Romans to our context today? (42:42)

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