Show Notes:
This is episode two of our Justice series. Tim and Jon discuss the twin ideas of Justice and Righteousness in the Bible. Those two words are often paired together in the Bible. The guys start the episode (0-18:10) by finishing up the discussion from episode 1 on retributive and restorative justice. Jon shares a story about some of the difficulties in practices community justice.
In the second part (18:10-25:30) of the episode Tim shares a poem in the book of Jeremiah 9 and says it’s ideally captures the biblical vision of justice, mercy and righteousness. Tim and Jon speculate what they would do if they won the lottery.

In the third part of the episode (25:30-end), the guys discuss the word “righteousness” in the Bible. Tim explains that the root word of righteousness is a word that means “to be in right relationship with someone” Tim talks about how Job is described as righteous, and how those descriptions are words that describe his efforts in social justice, defending the poor and the widow.

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Show Resources:
Nicholas Wolterstorff: Justice, Rights and Wrongs.
Gustavo Gutierrez: A Liberation Theology
Moshe Weinfeld: “righteousness and justice”

Show Music:
Defender Instrumental: Rosasharn Music
Organized Religion: Beautiful Eulogy
According to God: Beautiful Eulogy