What is existence? What existed before humans did? Ancient people groups asked the same questions we do today, with totally different answers. In this episode, Tim and Jon survey the cosmologies of Israel’s neighbors, ancient Egypt, Canaan, and Babylon––people groups the biblical authors shared more in common with than modern readers––to shed light on the Bible’s creation account.

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  • Part one (0-6:30)
  • Part two (6:30-19:00)
  • Part three (19:00-39:30)
  • Part four (39:30-50:45)
  • Part five (50:45-end)

Referenced Resources

  • Interested in more? Check out Tim’s library here.
  • Hermann Gunkel, Creation and Chaos in the Primeval Era and the Eschaton
  • Bernard Batto, In the Beginning: Essays on Creation Motifs in the Ancient Near East and the Bible

Show Music 

  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS
  • Evil Needle by Sound Escapes
  • Lightness by Anonymous

Show produced by Dan Gummel, Zack McKinley, and Cooper Peltz. Show notes by Lindsey Ponder. 

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