This is part 4 of our How to Read the Bible series. Jon and Tim discuss the different literary styles used in the Bible. (It's not just a history book!)

In the first part of the show (0-28:00), the guys go over an example of both poetry and narrative in the Bible, Exodus 14 and 15. Its the Hebrew Exodus story told in both narrative style and then Hebrew poetry.

In the second half of the show (28:00-End), Tim shares an example of prose discourse in one of Paul's epistles.
Tim discusses how Paul's writing style was heavily influenced by philosophers like Seneca.

This series is designed to accompany our video series on Youtube called "How to Read the Bible.
You can view the accompanying video here:

Show Resources:

"Introduction to Poetry" by Billy Collins
Thomas Long, ​Preaching the Literary Forms of the Bible​.
"Jabberwoky" by Lewis Carroll

Music Credits:
Defender Instrumental by Rosasharn Music
Take It Easy by Beautiful Eulogy