In this episode, Tim and Jon continue their conversation on The Day Of The Lord. The guys will build on their discussion on Babylon from part one as they try to get at what the biblical authors think about technological advances. Why did God seem to disapprove of man's invention of the brick in the story of the Tower? The guys will also spend some time talking about the exodus of the Hebrew people from ancient Egypt. It's one of the key events in Scripture, and it’s where the term Day of the Lord comes from. Thinking about God as a Warrior God is a little hard for us to swallow in our modern context, but it’s undeniably a part of his attributes, and he shows up in Scripture, time and time again, to fight for the oppressed.

In the first part of the episode (01:46-13:37), the guys talk about technology in the Bible. Are technological advances bad? Does technology really detract from God’s glory? Tim brings this back around to the idea of subduing creation in Genesis 1. Technology can bend towards evil or exalting humans, but it can also be used to carry out the task that God gave in the garden. If humans realize that they live under God’s authority and reign, they can use whatever their realm of influence and opportunity is and bend towards the common good and in the name of Jesus.

In the next part of the episode (13:56-42:27), the guys continue the story of the Old Testament and pick up in Egypt, where God’s people are being enslaved by Pharaoh. In the Bible we see that the enemy of God’s people is the ruler or nation who doesn’t acknowledge God as authority and who redefines good and evil based on their terms. Pharoah is doing this, but we’ll see it throughout the rest of Scripture as well. In this story, God defeats and Moses tells the people to remember the day. That same day is celebrated in the feast of Passover. The celebration and remembrance of Passover as a day, a moment in time, is where the term, Day of the Lord, comes from. This biblical theme is all about a moment of time where God confronts human evil on a large scale and brings down the oppressor.

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