This is the first episode in a two part discussion on the Christian “Ideal.” What is the Christian Ideal? That’s exactly what we ask. Why does it seem that humanity has an inner drive to find something transcendent? What is it that we’re all searching for and hoping to attain? In other words, why aren’t things a little more rad in our day to day?

The ancient Hebrew authors of the Bible also wrestled with these questions. They often used the word “holiness” to describe the quest for the ideal life. But today “holiness” is a confusing and loaded word. Spoiler alert: The way the Hebrews understood holiness is not how we do in modern times.

Tim, Jon, and a special guest, Paul Pastor hold an honest discussion asking why we all strive for something that seems just out of reach, and what that might have to do with God’s holiness.

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Show Resources:
The Bible Project Theme Video on Holiness:
Dictionary of the Old Testament by IVP: Holiness: J.E. Hartley.
New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis: Jackie Nowdeh (Rudolph Otto)

Show Music:
Where’s Love: Jackie Hill Perry
Defender Instrumental: Rosasharn Music