The word “gospel” has acquired many meanings since the biblical authors first used it. What does it really mean? In the fourth of our five most-listened-to podcasts, Tim and N.T. Wright discuss the meaning of this important word in its original context, and explore what it means for Jesus to take charge as King and for his disciples to build his Kingdom.


When God takes charge, he doesn’t send in the tanks, he sends in the meek and the poor and the hungry-for-justice, the merciful, the peacemaking, etc. And by the time the people with the tanks and the guns have realized what’s going on, the meek and the merciful and the poor in spirit have established schools and orphanages and hospitals, in order to show what it looks like when God becomes King. At Jesus’ final return, all those things will be part of God’s new world because they were already beginning at Jesus’ first coming.

Show produced by Cooper Peltz, Dan Gummel, and Zach McKinley. Show notes by Lindsey Ponder. 

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