It’s easy to recognize the psalms as beautiful poems. But how do we understand their deeper meaning? How psalms are organized (both internally and within the book of Psalms) is just as significant to their meaning as the words themselves. In this episode, join Tim, Jon, and Carissa for a deep dive into Psalm 148, where we see Yahweh as the ideal king who restores order to all creation. 

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  • Part one (00-8:30)
  • Part two (8:30-16:45)
  • Part three (16:45-26:00)
  • Part four (26:00-37:30)
  • Part five (37:30-46:00)
  • Part six (46:00-end)

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  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS
  • “Psalm 148” by Poor Bishop Hooper: 

Show produced by Dan Gummel, Zack McKinley, and Cooper Peltz. Show notes by Lindsey Ponder.