This is our very first Question and Response episode and we had a blast doing it! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions.

In this episode we fielded questions on the Holy Spirit.

  • What is the difference between spirit and soul in the Bible?
  • How do the New Testament authors portray the Holy Spirit in relation to Greek spiritual ideas?
  • Are Paul's list of spiritual gifts in the New Testament comprehensive, just examples, or something else?
  • What are some of the different interpretations and ideas of the 1 Corinthians passages on the Holy Spirit and Paul's writing saying all should desire spiritual gifts?
  • Why did the Holy Spirit come at Pentecost? And what exactly did Pentecost and associating feast mean to the Jewish people?
  • How do we know who has the Holy Spirit and who doesn't?
  • How do you hear from God through the Holy Spirit?
  • What are some good resources to learn more about the Holy Spirit?

Music Credits:
Defender by Rosasharn Music