Do we have to follow all the commands in the New Testament? Did Paul know his words were inspired? And why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery? Tim and Jon respond to these questions and more in this week’s Question and Response episode.

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  • Could it be beneficial to memorize and perform New Testament letters? (00:36)
  • Did Paul craft his letters as meditation literature? (03:17)
  • What was included when Paul said “all Scripture” was God-breathed? (10:11)
  • What about 1 Enoch? (15:54)
  • Did Paul know his letters were inspired? (19:45)
  • Are the letters wisdom or commands? (33:10)
  • Why doesn’t the Bible condemn owning slaves? (39:58)
  • What does it mean to submit to government authorities? (48:20)

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Show produced by Dan Gummel and Camden McAfee. Audience questions collected by Christopher Maier.

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