Watch: Moses and Ramses disagree over how to attack the Hittites in the first clip from Exodus: Gods and Kings

Watch: Moses and Ramses disagree over how to attack the Hittites in the first clip from Exodus: Gods and Kings November 11, 2014

exodusgodsandkings-141110One of these days, I will write about something other than Exodus: Gods and Kings. But for now, the studio keeps putting out new materials — including, on this occasion, a new poster and our first actual clip from the film — and I’m keeping up with it all as best as I can.

The new poster went up at 20th Century Fox’s Facebook page yesterday, and it’s interesting to see how it makes Moses look really, really small next to that giant tidal wave by the Red Sea. In a way, it resembles the early posters for Noah — biblical heroes, deadly storms, lots of water — but of course it’s quite different, too, because it makes the hero such a tiny part of the picture.

Next, there is our first clip from the film — and, as you might expect, it features the clash of Egyptian and Hittite armies at the Battle of Kadesh. It also, however, hints at the character dynamic between Moses and Ramses: while the two “brothers” are still friends at this point, Moses disagrees with Ramses’ tactical decisions, and Ramses quickly puts Moses in his place. The impression you get is that Moses is smarter, but Ramses is a little more protective of his position within the social hierarchy.

Amusingly, the clip was posted today by two different websites — one American, one British — both of which claimed that they had an “exclusive”.

Here is the version of the clip:

And here is the Digital Spy version:

The film’s Facebook page has also released a few new pictures, all of which look similar to shots we’ve seen before but, I think, are slightly different:




And here’s the latest video file that is really just a glorified GIF:

Check out earlier photos and images from Exodus: Gods and Kings here:

And check out earlier videos and my shot-by-shot trailer analyses here:

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