Life Issues: Abortion, Contraception, War, Etc. (Index Page)

Life Issues: Abortion, Contraception, War, Etc. (Index Page) November 9, 2006

Baby7weeksNine-week human embryo (or seven weeks post ovulation). Photograph by Ed Uthman, 1 December 1999 [Wikimedia CommonsCreative CommonsAttribution 2.0 Generic license]




Abortion and a “Progressive and Humane Nation” (Al Kresta) [11-28-00]

Dialogue: Does Personhood Begin at Conception? (Includes Extensive Discussion on the “Hard Case” of Pregnancy by Rape) (vs. Sogn Mill-Scout) [3-29-04]

Abortion Discussion, Part II, Including the “Rape Exception” (with Sogn Mill-Scout) [4-6-04, at Internet Archive]

Hang Your Head in Shame and Weep: Photographs of Fetal Development & the Butchery of Abortion [1-22-07, at Internet Archive]

How and When Does a Human Being Acquire a Soul? (Catholic Dogma) [9-16-08, at Internet Archive]

Showing Graphic Abortion Photos: Justifiable and Necessary (+ Facebook discussion) [12-17-10]

Debate on Abortion with an Atheist, with Use of Reductio ad Absurdum (vs. Tim Allen) [5-2-12]

Pope Francis’ Strongly Pro-Life Comments to the UN (“Both/And”!) [9-25-15]

The Inquisition, Abortion, & ISIS (Connections?) [10-19-15]

On Punishing Women if Abortion Were Illegal [10-23-15]

Civil Dialogue with a Humanist on Abortion [2-7-16]

Relative Value of Gorillas vs. Humans [6-5-16]

“Forced” Morality & Ubiquitous “Bigotry” [6-9-16]

Bathroom Insanity, “Gay Marriage”, Abortion, & Legal Coercion [6-10-16]

Planned Parenthood Kills 266 Black Babies Every Day (meme) [Facebook, 8-17-17]

Pope Francis: All Life: Preborn and Born, is “Equally Sacred” [4-9-18]

U2: We Choose Legal Abortion Over Christianity [5-4-18]


“Pro-Choice” / “Anti-Abortion” & Inaccurate Definitions [11-23-00]

Debating the Silliness of the “Pro-Choice” Word Game (vs. Michael Powers) [Facebook, 1-24-17]

“Pro-Abortion”: “Bad Faith” Term or Fair Description? [8-4-17]

“Pro-Abortion”: Reply to an Objection to its Use [7-20-18]




My Call-In Interview on the Radio Regarding My First Abortion Rescue [see #1] (11-14-88)

Abortion as a Deal-Breaker and Ethical Voting [9-10-08 and 2-22-14]

Must the Pope Explicitly Mention Abortion to Congress? [9-24-15]

“How Can a Catholic Vote for Trump?!!?” [5-28-16]

Whoppers About Trump and Planned Parenthood [Facebook, 8-22-16]

The Supreme Court, Presidents, and Abortion, in 2016 [Facebook, 10-8-16]

GOP & Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices: Revisiting the Facts [10-11-16]

“Trump Ain’t Really Pro-Life” [1-24-17]

Debate: How Pro-Life is the Republican Party (Especially the Leadership)? [5-8-17]

Lies About Abortion Rates Going Up During GOP Presidencies and Down During Democrat Ones (as if the Latter Are More Pro-Life) [Facebook, 2-23-18]

Do Democratic Presidents Cause Fewer Abortions to Occur? [National Catholic Register, 2-28-18]

Debate: SCOTUS & GOP in Relation to Abortion Rates [11-15-18]

Discussion of the Supposedly “Racist” Behavior of Catholic Kids at the 2019 March for Life, and Big Liberal Media Lies About the Incident [Facebook, 1-21-19]

Explaining the Pro-Life, Christian Vote for Trump Yet Again [4-30-19]

Dialogue: Christian Witness, Trump, & Prudential Voting (vs. Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [5-10-19]

Discussion on Political Rhetoric in Relation to Mass Shootings & Abortion (w Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [Facebook, 8-6-19]

Dialogue w Never-Trumper: Is Trump Really Pro-Life? (vs. Scott Eric Alt) [1-24-17; expanded on 2-9-20]

Chief Justice Roberts is the New Justice Kennedy [Facebook, 6-29-20]

Cowardly (?) Bishops, Pro-Abort Biden, & Holy Communion [6-22-21]

Did Pope Francis Rebuke Pelosi Re Abortion? (And Why One Seeming Methodological Approach Towards the “Right” and a Very Different One Towards the “Left”?) [10-11-21]

I Was a Prophet in May 2016 (Trump & Pro-Life Justices) and Scott Eric Alt Was a False Prophet [Facebook, 5-14-22]

Thoughts on Roe Being Overturned [6-24-22]

56.6% of Ohio Voters Think Abortion Up to Birth is Fine and Dandy [Facebook, 11-8-23]




Reply to “Left-Wing” Pro-Lifers (Crisis Pregnancy Centers, the Supreme Court, and “Old” Pro-Life Efforts to Help Struggling Pregnant Women) [10-24-16]

Only Spiritual Revival Will Stop Abortion [1-23-07 and 1-16-09; revised with additions on 12-2-16]

Mark Shea vs. “Old Pro-Life” Texas Legislators (Medicaid) [12-6-16]

Pro-Life Killing (Yes, There is Such a Thing) [Facebook, 1-27-17]

Those Wicked Pseudo-“Pro-Life” Heretics! (Mark Shea’s Alt-Universe) (see also, Paul Hoffer’s excellent point-by-point rebuttal of Shea’s article, in the combox) [Facebook, 3-16-17]

“Lessen Evil” Votes for Hillary? [note: Mark Shea did not vote for Hillary, but he urged people in swing states to do so] (vs. Mark Shea) [4-7-17]

Debate: Do Liberal Social Policies Lessen Abortion & Poverty? [4-12-17]

House Votes 230-188 to Allow Planned Parenthood Defunding in States (2 Dems Voting Yes); Senate Votes 51-50 (no Dems voting Yes) [Facebook, 4-13-17)

Pro-Life (oops: “prolife” heresy) Movement on its Death-Bed, So Sez Prophet Mark Shea / Shea’s Seeming Inability to Make the Slightest Qualifications or Essential Distinctions in His Incessant Broad-Brushing Rants [Facebook, 4-25-17]

Mark Shea and Sheriff David Clarke: Yet Another Bashing of Alleged Pro-Life Hypocrisy and Double Standards [Facebook, 4-28-17]

Thought-Experiment: What if Mark Shea Wrote About Bloodthirsty Liberal Childkillers in the Way He Writes About Conservatives and President Trump? [Facebook, 4-28-17]

Time to Cease Refuting Mark Shea’s Political Bilge or Not? Vote Today! (My readers voted 54-46% to stop refuting Mark) [Facebook, 4-29-17]

Debate: How Pro-Life is the Republican Party (Especially the Leadership)? [5-8-17]

Simcha Fisher’s “New” Pro-Life Critique of “Old” Pro-Lifers [Simcha did vote for Hillary Clinton] (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8-2-17]

Someone Thinks I was Too Harsh Against Simcha Fisher? Here’s What She Has Said About Conservative / Republican Pro-Lifers and the Pro-Life Issue in General [Facebook, 8-3-17]

Mark Shea Feels that if he Lived in a Swing State, he’d be “morally bound before God Almighty to vote for” Hillary Clinton [Facebook, 8-4-17]

Conspiracies, Paranoia, and the Quite Mundane Reasons I Write About Some Things (e.g., Simcha Fisher) / The Novelty of Public Critique and Dialogue [Facebook, 8-6-17]

Nothing Whatever Disqualified Hillary Clinton (Listing of 24 of her Scandals)? Reply to Liberal Pro-Life Activist John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe, Who Voted for Her [Facebook, 9-2-17]
Did Women Vote Decisively Against Trump: Far More Than Usual in Presidential Elections? (vs. John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe) [Facebook, 9-2-17]

On Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Letting Go of English Professor Rebecca Bratten Weiss (Seeking the Facts vs. Demonizing Conspiracy Theories) [Facebook, 9-15-17]

What “Single-Issue” Pro-Life Activism Means & Doesn’t Mean [9-16-17]

Defending Rebecca Bratten Weiss at LifeSiteNews [9-16-17]

Pleasant and Irenic Exchange with “Whole Pro-Lifer” Kate Cousino [Facebook, 9-17-17]

New Info on Bratten Weiss Controversy (National Catholic Reporter) (+ Facebook discussion) [9-19-17]

Left-Wing “New Pro-Lifers” Are Also Pro-Life (DUH!) [9-20-17]

Conniving Dirt-Gatherers & Gossips vs. Rebecca Bratten Weiss [9-20-17]

Beyond the Liberal-Conservative Divide: Reconciliation with Left-of-Center “Whole” Pro-Lifer John Cavanaugh O’Keefe [Facebook, 9-20-17]

On Rep. Tim Murphy (the guy who talked and voted pro-life and agreed to an abortion for his mistress) [Facebook, 10-4-17]

On Being a So-Called “Single-Issue” Pro-Lifer [National Catholic Register, 1-25-18]

“Misrepresenting” the New Pro-Life Movement (I Don’t; I Simply Have Honest, Principled Disagreements) [Facebook, 2-11-18]

“New” & “Old” Pro-Lifers: Roundtable Discussion About Divisions [2-15-18]

Lies About Abortion Rates Going Up During GOP Presidencies and Down During Democrat Ones (as if the Latter Are More Pro-Life) [Facebook, 2-23-18]

Do Democratic Presidents Cause Fewer Abortions to Occur?[National Catholic Register, 2-28-18]

Pope Francis: All Life: Preborn and Born, is “Equally Sacred” [4-9-18]

This “Old” Pro-Lifer [Mostly] Agrees with “New” Ones [4-19-18]

Ratzinger’s “Proportionate Reasons” & a Pro-Abort Vote [11-6-18]

Debate: SCOTUS & GOP in Relation to Abortion Rates [11-15-18]

Premature New-Pro-Life “Nya Nya’s” Re Kavanaugh [12-10-18]

First Pro-Life Test for Justice Kavanaugh [Facebook, 2-7-19]

Dialogue on Conservative vs. Liberal Pro-Life Voting [2-9-19]

Two Very Different Approaches to Planned Parenthood from a Pro-Life Perspective [Facebook, 2-25-19]

Three Popes (One a Saint) Called Abortion “Murder” (But There is a Particular Time and Place for Such Language) [4-15-19]

Explaining the Pro-Life, Christian Vote for Trump Yet Again [4-30-19]

Dialogue: Christian Witness, Trump, & Prudential Voting (vs. Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [5-10-19]

Dialogue: Pro-Life White Guys & Anti-Southern Prejudice (vs. Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [5-15-19]

Dialogue: Racism, Republicans, Logic, and Liberals (vs. Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [5-16-19]

Save the Babies Now vs. [?] the Importance of Pro-Life Image and Strategy, Furthering a Culture of Life, etc. [Facebook, 5-17-19]

Mark Shea Still Bashing the Pro-Life Movement & Republicans [Facebook, 7-8-19]

“What is ‘Pro-Life’? / Tragic Political Fracturing of the Pro-Life Movement (with Vicki Clark) [Facebook, 11-30-19]

Abortion Declines Under Trump (Surprise, New Pro-Lifers!) [1-10-20]

Liberal & Conservative Pro-Life Outlooks: A Dialogue [1-18-20]

The March for Life and the “Old” Pro-Life Movement are Dead / R.I.P. [Facebook, 1-25-20]

Reflections on Showing Graphic Abortion Photographs [1-3-17 and 6-7-20]

KKK / Slavery Analogies & [“New”] Pro-Life Democrats [9-28-20]

Why Pro-Lifers Vote for Pro-Abortionists: 9 Reasons [10-29-08; slightly revised & expanded on 1-22-21]

Leftist Pro-Lifers vs.[?] Abortion-Restricting Laws (+ Five Additional Pro-Life Articles: Formerly Only on Facebook) [1-26-21]

Reply to a Pro-Life Friend Who Stated That He Can’t Help “Liking” Biden and Harris (Which in Turn Decreases “Bipolarization and Hyperpartisanship”) [Facebook, 3-14-21]

Thoughts on Roe Being Overturned [6-24-22]

Mark Shea is Ecstatic That Roe Was Overturned [Facebook, 7-20-22]


Do Democratic Presidencies Reduce Abortions? (James J. Heaney, De Civitate, 10-20-20)



Romans 13:4 & Capital Punishment (Contra Ed Feser) [12-6-17]

Pro and Con Exchanges on Capital Punishment [12-6-17]

Inept Satire Case Study: Dr. Edward Feser’s “Lexicon” [2-2-18]

Dr. Fastiggi Replies to Dr. Feser on Capital Punishment [2-2-18]

Jesus, the Death Penalty, & the Adulterous Woman [8-2-18]

Burning Heretics, Frying Murderers, & Slavery (Analogies) [8-3-18]

John Paul II & Benedict XVI: Abolish Death Penalty [8-4-18]

Aquinas & Capital Punishment for Heresy: Arbitrary Recourse to His Authority (i .e., when we agree with him) [Facebook, 8-4-18]

Not Burning Heretics was a Far More “Controversial” Change (Pondering the Analogy of Not Burning “Murderers of Souls” to Recent Popes’ Opposition to All Capital Punishment) [8-6-18]

Debate w Lutheran: Church Infallibility & Death Penalty [11-10-18]

Steve Skojec: Pope Sez Death Penalty is Intrinsically Evil (?) [10-8-20]

Death Penalty, Reactionaries, & a Devious Liar-Pope? [10-10-20]

Proposed Analogy: Mary Mediatrix and “Inadmissible” Capital Punishment [Facebook, 10-10-20]

Three Popes & Capital Punishment (vs. Ed Feser) (with Catholic Theologian Dr. Robert Fastiggi) [10-20-20]


Further Reflections on Capital Punishment (and on Edward Feser) [David Bentley Hart, 12-19-17]

Capital Punishment: Francis & the Tradition Before Him Are Both Right [Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC, 8-3-18]

The Death Penalty Is Wrong But Not Intrinsically Evil or Infallible [Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC, 8-6-18]

On Death Penalty, Roma Locuta Est [Scott Eric Alt, 8-2-18]

Kwasniewski, Fr. Murray, Death Site News Promote Falsehoods on Death Penalty [Scott Eric Alt, 8-4-18]

Pope Francis Derangement Syndrome Vol. XX: Death Penalty Edition [Scott Eric Alt, 8-5-18]

Dr. Robert Fastiggi Defends Pope Francis Regarding the Death Penalty (on Al Kresta’s Show) [Audio, 8-7-18]

Understanding the Catechism Revision on the Death Penalty [Jimmy Akin, 8-8-18]

Capital Punishment and Magisterial Authority (+ Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) [Robert Fastiggi, Where Peter Is, 8-17-23]




Why Did God Kill Onan? (Bible and Contraception) [2-9-04]

Dialogue: Why Did God Kill Onan? (Contraception) [2-13-04]

Onan, Contraception, & Two Protestant Bible Dictionaries [2-21-04]

Biblical Data Against Contraception: Onan’s Sin and Punishment: a Concise “Catholic” Argument  [3-7-14]

Bible vs. Contraception: Onan’s Sin and Punishment [National Catholic Register, 5-30-17]

Steve Hays, Onan, Bible Commentary, & Contraception [1-11-07, 2-28-14; revised & expanded on 12-14-21]




Dialogue w Several Non-Catholics on Contraception [1996 and 1998]

Contraception: Early Church Teaching (William Klimon) [1998]

Dialogue: Contraception vs. NFP: Crucial Ethical Distinctions [2-16-01]

Dialogue: Orthodox Compromises on Contraception [3-21-01]

Books by Dave Armstrong: Family Matters: Catholic Theology of the Family [Dec. 2002]

Luther and Calvin Opposed Contraception and “Fewer Children is Better” Thinking [2-21-04; published at National Catholic Register, 9-13-17]

Contraception: Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, & Teddy Roosevelt [2-21-04]

Masturbation: Thoughts on Why it is as Wrong as it Ever Was [3-14-04 and 9-7-05]

Dialogue: Contraception & Natural Family Planning (NFP) [5-16-06]

Masturbation Remains a Grave Sin (Debate w Steve Hays) [1-6-07; links added on 8-13-19]

Contraception and Biblical Teaching (Fer or Agin)? [2007]

Humanae Vitae: (1968): Infallible Teaching Against Contraception [12-31-07]

Q & A: Catholic Sexual Morality and Contraception [1-1-08]

Humanae Vitae: August 1968 & the “Progressive” Revolt (Cardinal James Francis Stafford) [7-29-08]

“Divine Family Planning” (Unlimited Children / Anti-NFP): Critique [9-20-08] 

Bible on the Blessing of [Many] Children [3-9-09]

Discussion Thread About NFP, Contraception, and Marriage [Facebook, 8-3-11]

Protestants, Contraception, the Pill, & NFP [8-12-11]

Birth Control Pills Often Cause Early Abortions (Links) [8-12-11]

Large Families, Demographics, & Spiritual Revival [3-24-12]

Natural Family Planning (NFP) & “Contraceptive Intent” [8-28-13]

Why Did Baker Books and Crossway Omit John Calvin’s Strong Remarks Against Contraception in His Commentaries (Genesis 38:10)? [9-14-13]

Dialogue: Has Pope Francis Changed the Constant Catholic Prohibition of Contraception? [1-2-14]

Pope Francis and Catholics Reproducing Like “Rabbits” (+ Facebook discussion[1-21-15]

“Irresponsible” Pope Francis? (Woman Who Had Seven C-Sections) [1-23-15]

Pope Francis: 7 C-Sections is “Irresponsible” (Group Discussion) [1-23-15]

Orthodoxy & Contraception: Continuity or Compromise? [2015]

Natural Family Planning: Anti-Sex & Anti-Pleasure? [1-23-17]

Women Have No Sexual Desire During Infertility? (+ Natural Family Planning [NFP] and Sexual Desire) [1-26-17]

Unlimited Children for Catholics? Reply to a Slanderer [2-3-18]

Contraception and “Anti-Procreation” vs. Scripture [National Catholic Register, 6-6-18]

Is Natural Family Planning a ‘Heresy’? [Catholic teaching as far back as 1853] (Fr. Brian W. Harrison, Roman Theological Forum, January 2003)

Contraception, Natural Law, & the Analogy to Nutrition [2-21-19]

Objections Re the Catholic Ban on Contraception [2-1-18, 6-7-18, and 2-21-19]

A Defense of Natural Family Planning [National Catholic Register, 5-25-19]

Roberto de Mattei Misrepresents Gaudium Et Spes on Procreation [6-19-19]

Masturbation: Gravely Disordered According to Catholicism [8-16-19]

Masturbation: C. S. Lewis Explains Why it is Wrong [10-28-19]

C. S. Lewis: Views on Procreation & Contraception [11-1-19]

Debate w Atheist on Contraception, Abortion, & Sex Ed [3-15-21]

“Major U.S. Study [from the Mayo Clinic] Shows Oral Contraceptives Increase Breast Cancer Risk 44%” (+ related links) [Facebook, 8-12-22]

Bible & Catholicism on Homosexuality & Procreation [6-5-23]



Pacifism vs. “Just War”: Biblical and Social Factors [April 1987]

Permissibility of Just War [10-3-13]



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at AIPAC (+ discussion about the Iranian nuclear threat) [Facebook, 3-6-12]

Question to Doves: Do We Do Nothing About ISIS and the Genocide? [Facebook, 5-25-15]

The Inquisition, Abortion, & ISIS (Connections?) [10-19-15]

Gun Control & Deep-Rooted Societal Causes of Massacres [10-5-17]

A Distinct Pattern of Non-Terrorist Murderous Gunmen / Assaulters is Emerging [Facebook, 11-6-17]



Nuclear Bombing of Japan vs. Just War Ethics [8-25-05]

Nuclear Bombing of Japan vs. Just War Ethics (Part II) [9-5-05]

Nuclear Bombings of Japan: Justified by “Double Effect”? [8-28-05 and 9-5-05]

Declassified 1945 Documents Regarding Nuclear Strikes (President Harry Truman and Others Reveal Moral Qualms and Quandaries Concerning the Nuclear Bombing of Japan) [8-29-05]

Indiscriminate Nuclear Destruction: Condemned by the Magisterium [1-23-06]

Ethics of Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Catholic Reflections [1-28-06; rev. 10-23-06]

Analysis of Gaudium et spes Regarding Nuclear Strikes [2-1-06]

9000-9600 Catholics Killed at Nagasaki in August 1945 [8-28-06]

Japanese “Universal” Military Conscription & Nuclear Bombings [5-25-08]

Catholic Nuclear Ethics: Friendly Dialogue (vs. Deacon Jim Russell) [6-8-16]

Vigorous (but Civil) Facebook discussion of the issue [Facebook,  June 2016; many participants]

Nuclear Bombings vs. Catholic Social Teaching: A Collection [compiled on 6-6-16]

Rhetorical US Nuclear Threats Are Nothing New At All [8-9-17]

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