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Jeffrey Overstreet’s Through a Screen Darkly is a memoir of “dangerous moviegoing.”
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Favorite Films

Read the Introduction in order to understand the purpose of these lists, which represent my favorite films of their particular years, and which I frequently update and revise based on further viewing.

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Letterboxd Film Notes

To keep up with my viewing diary, follow me on Letterboxd, where I post first impressions, notes, and capsule reviews. Sometimes, my Letterboxd notes become the building blocks of full reviews, which are published here.

Selected Film Reviews from the Archives

I am always revising reviews in this archive, and because of that many of my past reviews are currently offline for revision. If you’re looking for a review that isn’t listed here, email Jeffrey at joverstreet@gmail.com. 

Also note: This archive includes some guest reviews by friends and colleagues, and some Film Forum reviews which include excerpts from a variety of critics.