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Carl Gregg

Christian Spirituality, the Practice of Communion, and Philosophical Theology

The Rev. J. Carl Gregg (B.A., M.Div.) is a New York Times-reading, vegetarian-eating, progressive Christian, who also loves Centering Prayer, reading theology, and praying-by-biking-to-work. He has been the Associate Pastor at Northminster Church in Monroe, Louisiana since May 2003. A graduate of the Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction program at San Francisco Theological Seminary, he is currently working on the dissertation for his Doctor of Ministry. He has taught "Introduction to the Old Testament" as an Adjunct Professor of Religion at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and is a former board member of the Alliance of Baptists. He and his wife Magin are the proud parents of two cats (Pepper Poe and Kol Nidre) and a dog (Dobby).